Seq2seq Model with Attention

Digested and reproduced from Visualizing A Neural Machine Translation Model by Jay Alammar. Table of Contents Sequence-to-sequence models are deep learning models that have achieved a lot of success in tasks like machine translation, text summarization, and image captioning.

How to remotely edit your project without having to use VIM

Remotely editing your work when your server does not have public IP address and you don’t want to spend any money is not so easy. Maybe you can use Team viewer or Anydesk or even chrome remote desktop, but there are high latencies.

Install new linux environment

When you want to install a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 system. You could try to follow this guidance. Open Software & Updates and choose the fastest source. Update the system:

Price and spec of cloud based GPU

I summarized several cloud based GPU services: Name of services Specification Price (US$) AWS P2 instance p2.xLarge 0.9 / hour Azure NC6 1xK80 0.

You only look once (YOLO) -- (2)

YOLO has higher localization errors and the recall (measure how good to locate all objects) is lower, compared to SSD. YOLOv2 is the second version of the YOLO with the objective of improving the accuracy significantly while making it faster.

You only look once (YOLO) -- (1)

You Only Look Once (YOLO) is an object detection system targeted for real-time processing. There are three versions of YOLO: YOLO, YOLOv2 (and YOLO9000) and YOLOv3. For this article, we mainly focus on YOLO first stage.

CLion for catkin projects

Why use CLion? Better indexing and intelligence hints for C++ than Eclipse and QtCreator-desktop. Free for students. Also integrate PyCharm already. Good Git integration (although I am still used to commandline git).

Pooling Layer in CNN (1)

Today I didn’t have the mood to continue my work on map merging of different cameras. So I read the paper from DeepMind of Learned Deformation Stability in Convolutional Neural Networks recommended by Wang Chen.


ORBSLAM vs SVO SVO (单目) 优点: 速度极快,100多帧,在低端计算机上也